Light candles for your loved ones

"The candle is the symbol of your participation.
Now light a candle for your loved ones"

On Animanere you can light a candle for your loved one. To light candles you have to register, or you login with your facebook account. Then you can simply click the link at bottom of each Memorial. After you clicked on the "Light a  Candle" link, you will be pointed to the candle  tab of the memorial:

In the candles tab, you will see the light a candle form. If you're registered on animanere, the author's name will be prefilled automatically. You can change this name to your desired name. This name will be displayed in the candles list, once you have clicked the "Light a Candle" button.

After you clicked the "Light a Candle" Button, you will receive a message on the top (green box) and your name willbe displayed now in the candles list. You will also  receive an email with candle details. Notice: Your virtual candle will burn for 30 days. After your candle expired, you will receive an email with message about expired candle and your name will be removed from the candles list. Then you can light a new candle for the memorial  again. You can light only one candle for each memorial.

You can manage your candles in your account, following the link  "My Candles" in the account Menu. You can view all candles, candles you have received from others (if you have publish own memorials) and candles you have given to memorials.

My Candles Manager in your Account Section:

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